Monday, September 6, 2010

Successful Labor Day

So we had a pretty eventful Labor Day- we first started out the day buying some "new couches" kaseys parents neighbors were selling their couches and we have been wanting to get rid of our couches for a while now but just dont have the funds for new ones so when this deal came around we had to jump on it! First of all we know the people selling them so thats a plus and second of all we got the good friend discount :) they sold all 3 pieces for $250. They are pretty cute and so much more comfortable than our other one! We also made some frames for some pictures I am donating for an auction. My friend is fighting Gastroparesis (spelling?) and they are having a fundraiser for her, A spaghetti dinner and auction so I am donating some of my Temple pictures for the Auction so you should all go to this and get a yummy meal and but some cool stuff- its for a wonderful cause- ( so I will post pictures of the frames with my pictures in it soon ... once I get my prints back-  then we had someone call us about our wood burning stove we were selling and they came out to "look" at it and wanted it right away :) so they planned to just pay us the money and have us hold it cause they had just picked up another wood burning stove in clinton (so 2 stoves in one truck- cast iron!) and had TONS of other stuff in their truck but her husband wanted to try to fit it cause he measured it out and thought it would fit... well, I will just tell you one thing- they must have been livin right cause we fit it all in... this picture of their truck does not do it justice because there was still like 4 totes that were on our lawn that had not been put in yet, 2 rolls of fencing, the back plate of the stove with the blower on it, and the piping for the stove- how we fit it all in? WHO KNOWS but it was miraculous, truly! and guess what we got our money back that we spent on the couches- it was an awesome day! We were debating whether or not to get the couches cause we really didn't have the spare money and then we ended back even, it was awesome! I mean it would have been cooler to be $250 richer but hey I got cute couches!!! :D I was then able to also finish my little blanket/toy box and I must say it is pretty cute too- so we had like I said- an eventful day and it was just awesome! We were going to try to go 4 wheeling and shot gun shooting but I am glad we got all this done today, it feels good! Happy day!

Kasey was pushing the 4x4s forward so the stove would go into the truck- these guys were amazing, they moved this 600+ lb cast iron stove from our basement to the back of this truck... Amazing! 

these people were seriously so awesome! I love the feeling you get when you sell your stuff to great people and you just feel so great about them! 


Hollie and Mike Christiansen said...

Wow! That is one busy day of selling and buying. Awesome that you ended up with your money back..what a fabulous blessing! Good for you guys, I like the couches, they look great.

Amanda C said...

Awesome! That is great you got your money back. Blake and I must be doing life all wrong, we never break even on anything these days :/ I'm so glad you got your couches. Your room looks great!!

Matt and Jeni and kids said...

Love the living room with those couches and love the toy/blanket box. You guys remind me of someone I know...hmmm. can't put my foot on it...oh wait i can because he is at my house!