Thursday, September 9, 2010

I love to see the Temple (looong post)

So from the very moment I started taking pictures my most favorite thing was to take pictures of the Temple- I have captured a few shots that are pretty and some that mean a lot to me- A long time ago I was driving around and I saw this picture of the temple and I loved it so much because it reminded me of my brother who is in the air force- well i had taken another cool picture at the same time earlier that day so I was excited about that one so when I got home I was editing the other picture I took first and kinda forgot about this other shot- it was a little while after that I came across it and to be honest my relationship with my brother was not so great- I mean it wasn't bad but we never talk and I had not seen him in forever because he lives out of the state/country and I felt a little bitter that I didnt have anything in common any more with my big brother so I was kinda avoiding this picture but I kept coming across it so I finally edited it and I sent it to him and told him that I took this picture for him and it reminded me a lot of him. I dont think he will even remember this cause at the time he said it looked cool and thats about it- and then nothing else was really said about it. Well here we are 2 years later and I came across this picture again and I decided to re-edit it a little bit and make it personal. This past year I have been really working on my relationship with my brother and we are talking more on the phone and getting to know each other all over again. So again I sent this picture to my brother a few months ago and he had a little bit more to say- we talked about my photography for a while and he finally said to me " you should name that one - For God and Our Country" I teared up a little bit and I knew that thats exactly what it should be called. I respect my brother so much, he has been in the air force for 10 years now and he is very devoted to his country. He has been to Iraq and other places that I cant spell many times and his family has supported him every-time, being left home without him for 6+ moths at a time and knowing that he is doing what he is called to do. He is also strong in the Gospel and his family is so blessed because of their testimonies and activeness in the church. I have been to the temple one time with my brother and sister and law since I have been married and it was a special day- it was the day I told him I was pregnant in the celestial room and he was the first to know. They were going back home soon so they would not be here when we broke the news to everyone. So everytime I am in the temple I hold on to that special day and I think a lot of my brother and his family and pray they are always safe. Therefore this is why this picture is so special to me and the name that Mike named it is so special to me- I love you Mike and thanks for finishing this picture off for me- 
Now- the reason I am posting this picture is because I was asked to donate pictures to Auction them off at a fundraiser for my friend (I mentioned it below) So here they are-  :)
This is the picture I took that distracted me from Mikes picture- This view is actually gone now- they have built a huge building right behind the temple from this view so this picture can never be duplicated :) hehehe its pretty sweet though!

This one is for you Mike ; ) 

This one of course had to have a name plate on it... From this picture you cant tell very good cause the flag is blending into the tree but the real print the flag stands out more cause it is red, white and blue- 
Kasey helped me make these awesome frames- he is amazing! and a big thanks to Color pro lab, home depot, and burton lumber for donating all the material to make these! And to my dad for getting the name plate for me up on base! :)


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Denise said...

Wow!!! This post is filled with awesomeness and splender!!!:0 You are amazing Chelsi!! And so is my son! Yes thanks for your service in God and Country!!! PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

Chelsi, you are an amazing woman! I hope you know that... I am so proud of who you are and the talents that you have developed and perfect more and more every day. Lol I have to be honest I have a hard time stopping to read a lot of blog post especially when they are a bit longer but something kept me reading and now I have to replace my keyboard because it will soon not work for all of the tears that have filled it. I am greatful for our chance to talk with you during our weekly phone calls and hope they continue. Which by the way did you ever find that memory card? And I will leave it at that. Love You kid... You do awesome work!

Jillian said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! You are really talented! Thanks for sharing. It makes me miss Utah.