Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So it was my little brothers (in law) birthday yesterday. He is now 15, watch out ladies and other drivers he is on his way- Kyron is quite the little stud well excuse my choice of words- he is a BIG stud! He is following right in Kasyes footsteps to become a great man! Kyron is the life of the party, he loves to make people laugh and if he has to make a fool of himself by doing so there is no limit for him to do so. He is very involved in school plays and he is a wonderful actor and singer. We love to go to his performances and watch- for all you looking for something to do the 24th-27th come to Fairfield Jr high and watch Kyron in the School play as the lead in the play "Once upon a Matress" Kyron is very talented in everything he does, he loves football and BYU- he loves to hang out with friends and family and he is a huge fan of Ice cream (dairy Queen shakes) but who isnt! :) Well we just love Ky man! Happy Birthday-


It's Me...shell said...

Fun fun! Happy Birthday Kasey's brother!

Denise said...

love your blog, love your spotlight on your inlaws that very loving and supportive of you hun. you are a wonderful sister in law!