Thursday, March 18, 2010


So this is our new yard! :) I just have to say that I need my sister Jeni to come help me muscle all these clumps of dirt off my yard! We make a great hauling team ;) hehehe 
(its kinda an inside joke) But this is our new project. Our lawn was completely fried, not comin back so he had to swallow it and get to work! Its been kinda fun being outside in this great weather- I hope we can get it done for the summer-


Kalli and Derek said...

I'm glad you asked for your other sister, I guess I'm off the hook! ;)

Kasey, Chelsi and Auklin said...

hehehe- count yourself lucky!

Matt and Jeni and kids said...

LOL!! We do rock! I have to say I am up to my eyeballs with trying to sell our house. Does that mean i'm off the hook as well? nooooo...if there is a night next week, I will bring the big guns!!