Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting there

So Kanyin is making up for when Auklin was born and I never felt like I had a newborn cause he was pretty strong and a good size from the get go- he rolled over at 3 weeks and I felt he grew too fast. Well Kanyin barely reached his birth weight at 6 weeks and now is still only 9 pounds at 7 weeks and tiny as ever. he still fits into his newborn clothes and I am kinda loving it! He is perfectly healthy so no worries... So here he is almost 2 months old and cute as ever! He is such a good baby- I really lucked out! Auklin loves him so much and always wants to hold him. I can tell they are going to be such good friends- at least I can hope for now :) Being a paretn is the best thing ever! It really keeps you in check and you learn so much- I just love my kids!!!

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Denise Christiansen said...

soooo sweet!!!
love those boys!