Thursday, August 5, 2010

Park city

So I am a little behind but we went to park city for a family vacation and it was amazing to finally get away! It was so much fun- I love park city so much! and Auklin loved the little gondola rides- there was a concert we went to and a farmers market that was so fun- it was raining when we went but it was a warm rain so it was awesome!!! We went to see the olympic park and believe it or not I had never seen it and neither had Kasey- it was really cool! There is a nice little museum up there with footage going and stories and I really enjoyed it! There was great sales at the outlets and so we got just a couple things- oh how I just love park city! Anyways here are just a few pictures of the park city  love!

kids in the free shower caps hahaha 
we missed you Jeni and the kids! 

she LOVED this I promise! :) for those of you who dont know Kasey is 6' almost 5 " and she is almost doubled his height right here! she could have done this all day! 

cute little things!

Landon is such a good big cousin- he loves all the little babies and just takes such good care of them! He is always so helpful and the kids just love "LANDON"!!!


Kalli and Derek said...

Ha ha ha! I love it! Thats a good picture of Chloe flying, I didn't get that one!

Denise said...

I have a great shot of her as well!! I haven't checked blogs for a Long time. These are all great posts and pics so far love. I had to laugh remembering her flying through the air. It was the highlight I think. I'm happy to know you had a good time afterall:). I was a bit disappointed that more of you didnt comment. Come people!;)

Denise said...

My secret code word was pupessed! Lol where do they come up with those weird words?!