Thursday, September 5, 2013


Yesterday Auklin started Preschool!!! He is so ready for school he can hardly stand it- I can't believe he is old enough to start school! 
I am so impressed with his teacher, she came to visit him at our house and brought him a book and read it to him. She talked with him to get to know him- She asked me if there was anything specific I wanted her to work with him on. I asked for an examples cause I didn't know what to expect her to teach him- she said "working on his letters, counting to 10, learning colors and mixing colors, sounds of letters ..." I felt pretty good when I had to say "well he already knows all the letters and how to write them all and the sounds they make, he knows how to count to 50, he knows all the colors and what 2 colors make a new color, he knows how to write his name... he is actually learning how to read small words... can  you teach him how to read?" :D She looked at me and said "yes! We can teach him how to blend the sounds of letters together to help him begin to read!" I though that was so awesome! Auklin also has a little lisp on his S's so I asked if she could help him work on that and she said "Yes! we have a speech therapist that can help give ideas to help him at school and in the home!" I was seriously so excited! Auklin loves going to school! His first day he came come and I asked how school was. He said it was fun. I asked if he met any new friends and he said yes... trying to pry a little more out of him I asked who he met and what was their name? He said Kaylee. I asked what he like most about Kaylee and he said "she was the prettiest!" :) Thats my boy! lol- His other favorite fried is Leonardo because his name is the same as leonardo the Ninja turtle who in fact is his favorite Ninja turtle! Kanyin did surprisingly well not having his buddy home with him. He wanted to stay and play with Auklin at preschool and was a little sad to leave but he did great! He only asked "mom, where's Aukie?" like 10 times while he was gone :) I myself thought I would be a little sad to see him gone all day since he is my helper! The feelings were bitter sweet- I miss him so much but it goes so fast and I know he is where he needs to be! I didn't even cry when I dropped him off and he didn't even think twice about having me leave! :) I had to ask him to give me a hug when I left :) He was so excited to be there- it was great!
Hooray for Preschool and for growing up! 

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Hollie and Mike Christiansen said...

Hope he is still loving it, what a handsome guy!