Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kasey and I have picked up Golfing together!!! Well I (chelsi) have always been into golfing and Kasey has gone a few times but didn't loves it since his clubs were way too small and couldn't hit the ball right- This year between Kasey's dad, my dad and Blake Kasey has been wanting to golf more and more- SO, with the help of new clubs Kasey is on his way to the PGA ;) lol - If you know Kasey well he does not like to spend money, well we have a special "golf fund" :) we actually put a little percent into it from each paycheck- Although he uses this fund more than me ;) - and we are supposed to go together- I am so happy he finally enjoys golfing as much as me and we have something to do together!!!  

Apparently we only have ONE outfit we like to golf in! LOL


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