Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tiny Tot!

So it has come time~ Auklin is old enough to start doing things :) hehehe by that I mean he is starting sports and such- so this month Soccer started, he doesn't really know how to play because he didn't get much practice time in before we started- there were only 2 kids on his team that had a slight idea of how to play- the rest.... well, it was pretty funny but sad at the same time. Here Auklin is told his whole life not to take toys form other kids- now we are yelling from the sidelines "go take the ball!" "Go get it Auklin!" needless to say he was very confused- during "practice" he did very well dribbling the ball back and forth, taking it from his coach and kicking it form other kids and even kicking it into to the goal. As soon s that game started- he froze up and didnt know what to do. Every play there was a kid running to the sidelines crying because they didnt get to kick the ball :) it was hilarious! Auklin surprisingly only did this once- I think it was also because when we told him to run and go get the ball- he would go and pick it up or jump in it so the other kids wouldn't get it and then got in "trouble" so he didnt want to go get it anymore- then he got sad no one would pass the ball to him- Eventually he got into it a little bit and he actually scored a goal! We hope he will continue to grasp the concept and enjoy playing sports! He is growing up so fast and looked so dang cute out there with his team!

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Kalli and Derek said...

Oh so cute. Thats awesome, sad I missed it.