Sunday, April 4, 2010


So we got a nice surprise this week! Hollie and the kids came to town to visit and it has been so great to see them. They all look so fabulous and the kids are growing up so fast! Mason is so big now and such a cuddler. He knows his way around :) he loves books and wrestling with the boys. Carter is so proper and helpful, he is filling in for his daddy while he is gone and he is so good at it. Taylor is just so cute, I have not seen her since she was a little baby, we have such fun conversations. And sweet little Brennan who I met for the first time is such a stud who can certainly stand up for himself :) We are still getting him used to us but he is coming around- We got to hang out with them all weekend for conference, egg hunts, shopping, driving on the wrong side of the road, and seeing store with more than one way to get in and out! ;) hehehe Oh we have had a blast with out little family from England. I am so happy they are here! we have missed them so much and even though its great to have them here we still miss Mike more than ever! Hope all is well brother- xoxoxo :) 

sad about that blur- :( 

Carter took mommy on a date to the Conference center- we missed him but what a great kid! 
Everyone got sunglasses for Easter! Thanks Nana...


It's said...

such a fun surprise!

Denise said...

such great shots of these precious moments! send some my way please! :)