Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday we went to the Cravens and had a yummy dinner- Kyron hid our easter basket down in the salt bucket (water softener) in the storage/furnace room. It was a great spot. It took a long time to find! We also colored eggs at the Cravens, we experimented with rubber bands, tie-dye, tried some glitter but it didnt turn out- the glitter was broken. : ( But we had a super fun time! Happy Easter everyone! hope you had an enjoyable weekend!


Matt and Jeni and kids said...

Kacey looks more excited than Auklin! I bet he wished he had his own bucket!!! (well...I guess it would turn out to be his bucket huh?!):) lol

Hollie and Mike Christiansen said...

So the candy for Auklin, you going to save that for him when he is bigger? I would just eat it so you don't have to worry about him having that sugar. :) Looks like fun. Is Kyron Kasey's dad? Sounds like they hide baskets like my parents! :) Fun, Fun!