Monday, August 18, 2008

Well nothing too new has happened but lots of people have been asking so I thought I would just put it up and let everyone one the great news!!! I am going to be able to work form home and keep my full time benefits after the baby comes! We are so excited this is such a huge blessing for us and it all happened just so perfectly- We are so so grateful! We also switched Dr's- Our Dr is getting old and lets just say she is loosing it! The ladies at the front desk werent so nice either- so If anyone is going to Davis I would recomend a change! ; ) We are now going to the circle of life Womens center in Ogden and it is soooooooooo great! I actually feel important there and they are excited for us and they actually show it! It is nice to actually feel like this is something exciting instead of rutine! So that is about it! Well I guess i could say we start school next week and it is bitter sweet! This should be my last semester to get my Associates and finals end 4 days before our due date- so I better pass these classes!!! Kasey is excited to start experimenting with real classes now instead of lame english and history- He is using this semester to try differnt classes to determine his Major- So I think this year wont be so bad for school! Well.... until next time when I have more updates!

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Denise said...

all these plans and goals sound wonderful hun!!! so proud of you both! We appreciated all the owrk and support you and KC gives us. We love you so much!