Friday, August 1, 2008

Just to share a quick story about my cute husband! Two days ago We were watching TV and i started to feel our little Tyke in side rollin around a little bit and sometimes I am still not sure if it is him or not cause it still feels like little bubbles and flutters so really that could be anything! Well Kasey came over to hurry and try to see if he could feel him and I sure could feel him so I asked Kasey if he could feel that and he kinda grinned and looked and me and said "that? oh I just thought you were farting!" hehehehehe it was funny! We both got a giggle out of it... so anyway- I love it! and it made me smile so I thought I would share. Now Kasey can truely call this baby his little fart! : D

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The Faircloughs said...

LOL! Thats great, I love it! I love that feeling and its so exciting when the daddy can feel it for the first time. That is the one thing I miss about pregnancy. Its still not real to me that my baby sister is pregnant though:)