Thursday, May 21, 2009


SO it was my birthday week! :) I got to celebrate for like 3 days! It was so much fun- First was at my parents and we had an awesome BBQ and Kasey made a delicious cake with sprinkles and everything :) He then gave me this amazing photoshop I have been wanting and money to go toward a camera fund- it was so cute! he made a labe and everything. He had a really good start in there- close to $300 just saving money here and there- then we went to Cravens the next day for my birthday, Jillisa's, Dad craven's, and Austin's (Jillisa's Boyfriend) It was quite the event- I opened quite a few presents but I have to skip them all and just cut right to the chase... I GOT MY FLIPPEN CAMERA!!! the money was to throw me off and it worked!!! Kasey had been pulling out money here and there little by little so I would not notice and he sold his motorcycle to get money for it- He also got people to pitch in- that helped a lot! He is just so amazing, I feel so spoiled rotten but I hope I can make that money back by taking some photos for him! Kasey is just so amazing and supports me so much! He believes in me and that makes me feel so great! I love him and I loved my birthday! Thanks everyone for pitching in I love you all!


Andrea & Larry Pillsbury said...

Happy Birthday Chelsi. I miss you so much. I am so happy for you getting that camera that you always talked about. I can't wait to see all the fun pictures you are going to post on your photography site.

Shawnalee said...

That is the bestest bday present ever!!!!!!

Hey- I will let you know on the Wedding thing-now we have to come up with the money 1st. I don't know what else to do, and I am going crazy. Other than that everything else is good. Love ya! Shawnalee

I am just hoping and praying for an answer, and I am a mess LOL I know it will work out, but when?

Shawnalee said...

Forgive me as well... my manners!

Happy BIRTHDAY!!! you totally deserved to be treated like a queen!!

Denise said...

sure love and appreciate my son KC!!! it was a great 3 days! i loved spending so much time with you and Auklin! he is soooooo dang cute! it was great cuddling with him the other morning, waking up to a sweet baby's smile! dad loved it too! i got a couple pics with my cell cam so not too good but i will see if i can edit them.